Most side sleepers use the knee pillow for better sleep. Are you thinking about what a knee pillow is? A knee pillow is a rectangular-shaped pillow that has two indentations to support your legs when you side sleep. There are knee pillows that come along with a strap. These types of pillows are useful for people who move a lot when they are sleeping. These pillows are made of memory foam and help in blood flow in your leg. The knee pillows can be used by all the people who side sleepers. Other than side sleepers many others can be benefited from the knee pillow. Lets us look at them below.

  • Side sleepers: The first and most common people who use the knee pillow are the slide sleepers. The reason why they use the knee pillow is that it helps them in aligning the spine in the right posture. It helps to reduce the pains caused by chronic injuries. The alignment of the spine should be proper when you lie down because if it is not correct then it will apply pressure on the hip and lower back which will cause pain and aches. For most of the tie, it has been seen that the people who sleep on side there spine moved from its actual place. This happens because the uppermost part of the leg puts more pressure on the lower part of the leg. Due to this, the hip moved from its place and more stress is experienced by it.
  • Pregnant woman: Commonly, the pregnant woman gets back pain or leg cramps. To avoid this condition they can use the knee pillow between their legs. This will help them to get proper alignment which will automatically reduce the back and leg cramps. You can get the knee pillows at the mentioned like
  • Those with back or hip pain: People who are suffering from back pain and hip pain can get a lot of relief if they place the knee pillow between their legs while sleeping. The pain can increase suddenly in the middle of the night due to the improper alignment of the spine. So use the pillow so that you will get more support and less pressure will be applied on the hip and back.
  • Back sleepers: The back sleepers will not be getting much relief if they place the knee pillow between their legs. For relief, they must place the pillow under the legs or back. In this way, the pressure on the back will be reduced as the spine stays in its original position.

Who should avoid using knee pillows?

  • Sleepers who move frequently: The people who turn and move a lot in their sleep for such people the knee pillow may not work that effectively. The reason being that it will not be there in one position. They can try using the strap pillows but even those may not be staying at one position for the whole night.
  • Stomach sleepers: They do not need the knee pillow because for such sleeping habits the spinal alignment does not get affected.


Hope this information has cleared all your doubt about who should use the pillow and who should not.