No air conditioning system is maintenance-free. Therefore it is important to carry out a check at least twice a year. Since you have to deal with dust and dirt from outside, there is a chance that the operation of the air conditioning will decrease with time.

The most important thing is to keep your air conditioning system clean. Of course it is good to occasionally get a damp cloth over the inside and outside unit, but in this case it is mainly about the cleaning of the filters.

Dust and dirt can easily be collected on the filters and if you do not get it cleaned, your air conditioning unit may fail to perform efficiently. Thus, use a vacuum cleaner to make the outside of the filter dust-free. If that is not sufficient, proceed to rinse the filter with lukewarm water.


For proper operation of your air conditioner you can consult a professional air conditioner cleaning service providerto assist you with an accurate diagnosis and cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the filter. When the filter is very dirty, submerge it in lukewarm water and rinse it several times afterwards. Allow the filter to dry thoroughly before reinserting it.

Cleaning at the end of the season

Remove the cap to make the internal circuit completely water-free. Drain the water in a bowl. Replace the cap when the internal circuit is completely empty. Clean the filter and allow it to dry well before reinserting it. You must be very careful as the parts you are dealing with are fragileand would require proper care.

Mobile air conditioners

An air conditioning system cools the air with the use of a coolant, also called Freon gas. Without refrigerant in the air conditioning, the air will not be cooled. You must let the refrigerant to be maintained well to keep the efficiency as high as possible and the energy consumption as low as possible, (on average once every 2 years). Avoid servicing your air conditioner unit by yourself and allow a professional to do it for you instead.

Conclusion: professional Tips

Remember, sending your air conditioner unit for regular checkups will actually save you cost in the long run and that will also ensure that it is running efficiently. If you observe that your air conditioner unit is losing its efficiency, it is time that you send it for servicing.