Board and Batten siding, also known as barn siding are the alternating of narrow strips of wood called battens with wider pieces of wood called boards. Board and Batten are greatly popular for the traditional, classy and distinctive look that it transforms a house once they are fixed.

These are some of the benefits of using Board and Batten siding:

  1. DurabilityBoard and Batten siding, if well maintained and properly fixed last for a long period of time. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and other forms of damage to the exterior of a house. The sentimental value placed on homes makes longevity and durability a key consideration in buying or renovating a house. Frequent maintenance of the boards and battens enhances its chance to last for a longer period of time.
  2. Enhances house aesthetics-Boards and Battens come in different colors, making it easier for clients to mix and match to their preferred taste. This creates a classy distinctive look with a great first impression of the house. Board and Batten siding enhance the curb appeal and general outlook of an exterior of a house hence a great advantage of using Board and Batten siding.
  3. Affordability-Boards and Battens come in a variety of materials not only making them versatile but also pocket-friendly. The difference in varieties come with different prices compared to the quality preferred. This creates an easy experience for homeowners during renovation because they can adjust to battens and boards that fit with their budgets. Renovation, therefore, shouldn’t be a back-breaking experience.
  4. Time Efficient-The boards are hung against a straight surface and the battens are placed between the boards to disguise the seams, making them easy to install. Hence time efficient since a house renovation that would otherwise take a year or so can be done in months. It also allows for the renovation of a specific area of a house without necessarily tearing down the whole house which is expensive and time-consuming. This is because boards and battens are used as single pieces of boards and battens which are easy to replace.
  5. Increase the value of the house– Board and Batten siding greatly improve the exterior outlook of a house. This automatically increases the market value of the property since the board and batten siding keeps up with the modern furnishings of a house. Different styles of installation make a house more versatile and distinct to the client’s preference. Board and batten also create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere within a house. With time efficiency playing a key role in the renovation and resale of a house, it proves that boards and batten siding is the way to go in improving the general outlook of a house within a short period of time.
  6. Improves the appeal of a house-Boards and Battens are placed vertically during installation. This, therefore, elongates the roofs of a house making it look bigger and increasing spaces that would not exist if other methods of siding were used. Therefore, boards and battens siding are more advantageous.