So you’ve made up your mind to move to Savannah but you still thought of reconsidering your decision. You know that this city of Georgia is an amazing place to live, but you want to know the best reasons to stick the decision. Here, we will recall all the reasons that make Savannah an amazing place to live. So, whether you’re planning to buy a house to live after your retirement or you want to shift forever, there are some reasons that Savannah can be the ideal choice.

  1. It is a gorgeous city

Imagine sitting right under canopy trees on a warm afternoon while reading your favorite book. Think about the lovely Savannah River that goes past the River Street and mighty architectural buildings. Savannah offers you a happy, warm, and laidback atmosphere. There are hundreds of people who visit this place and plan to shift here completely. It is perfect for people who want to get out of the rat race everyone is into.

  1. A lot of employment options

You might be off the rat race but you can still compete to get better than what you do. Moving to Savannah gives you plenty of employment options. Since the unemployment rate of Coastal Georgia is around 5%, major employers are moving to the city to get good jobs here. The economy is improving in terms of better constructions and there are plenty of houses waiting for new owners. Savannah is in a developing state and whoever plans to invest in terms of real estate will profit in the long run.

  1. Friendly place

If you visit the place before you move in, you’d find something peculiar about the locals. They smile at strangers, greet tourists, and help them when in need. The neighborhood welcomes new people shifting to the city and helps them navigate places. Friday nights are filled with people at pool parties where you’d find more interactive locals bond with you.

  1. Amazing weather

Savannah has great climatic conditions and suits people who wish to avoid extreme cold. Every year, there are families that shift to Savannah from colder destinations because this place is hot and moderately cold. Spring and fall are the most delightful seasons, while summers can be a little too warm. Winters don’t go lower than 10 degree Celsius and have an average of 15 to 20 degrees.

  1. Cheaper than many cities

Savannah is one of the most affordable places to buy a home. It was one of ‘The Simple Dollar’s’ list because it is one of the reasonable places to live. Even luxury beach houses with amazing architecture will not be as expensive as a small apartment in New York City. Thus, even if you don’t shift entirely, it is smart to have a property in such a place. Moreover, you can always come here for vacations.

  1. Lovely beaches

Savannah is a 30-minute drive away from Tybee Island. You will also love to come over to the South Beach where there is a pavilion full of snacks, restrooms, and a pier for fishing. If you wish to mingle with the dolphins or search for shells, you can get to the North Beach instead.

  1. Savannah restaurants

If you were once a tourist here, you will definitely know the grandeur of the restaurants here. Food-lovers cannot help but admit the tasty treats served at Savannah. From the beach shacks to places like Hilton Head, you’d love different types of seafood delicacies. The best part about these places is that they allow you to be in your most casual self.

  1. Architecture

If you love architecture, Savannah will impress you at every corner. The city has plenty of buildings that date back to over 200 years. These leave a lot of architectural mystery that you will want to explore. You will also find houses represent such architectural beauties, and you might like to purchase one like that.

  1. Golfer’s paradise

If you love golf, you will love Savannah! Most of the golf courses belong to Hilton Head and Bluffton, but you can take a short drive to the Low Country at South Carolina. There are plenty of people who enjoy the nightlife that comes after a great session at golf. Georgia lets you make the most of such eventful days that add more reasons to come over to this city.

  1. Laidback

Savannah lets you have a laidback approach to life. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of what a day gives you and how you plan to utilize it. It is a perfect place for people who want to add life to days and not days to life. Savannah gives you a chance to relive opportunities, stay in close touch with nature, have the best of beach life, and more. It is time you reconsider why you shouldn’t drop the idea of living here!