Kitchens are a favorite target for rodents because they give them lots of food, water, shelter, and warmth. Rats and mice will make nests with an easy access to the kitchen. After establishing a presence in this area, they can spread a lot of germs, bacteria, and pathogens, leading to sickness and even fatalities for those who come into contact with them. It is imperative to keep the kitchen clan; however, the best approach to controlling rodents is to stop them from making their points of entry. But why exactly are rodents lured into the kitchen?

Food in the Cupboard

Rodents like rice, cereal, and grains. If these food items are available in your cupboards, you are making it easy for them to find food. Once they discover the source of these foods, they will invade your house. Cleaning the cupboards may not be easy and even if some stuff there have spilled or fallen over, you may not see them as they are behind the cupboard doors. Rodents can easily chew on soft materials like paper, plastic, and other soft packaging. That is why loose food must be stored in a resealable container. Droppings of mice can contaminate the food supply and when they are in the cupboard, they might leave droppings. Once these droppings soak into food, they will contaminate the area.

Food Spillage

Floor kitchens are prone to food spillage that will attract mice and rats. Kitchen floors must be kept clean to control pests. All-purpose sanitizers can be used for cleaning surfaces and cupboards. Also, warm, soapy water can clean any area. Dirty dishes must be cleaned after eating because they can leave behind stains and other dirt.


Garbage under the sink is a common hotspot for rodent activity. Rats like dark, damp areas and where there is an easy access to water. Mice get inside pipes and follow them through the wall ending under the sink. However, the garbage under the sink is quite appetizing for rodents. It can have plenty of food waste and containers with food traces on.

It is best to use garbage containers that have locking lids so that rodents cannot easily access the contents. But, it is important to keep in mind that rodents can easily chew through food containers made of softer materials. Also, food waste must be taken out right away after cleaning the kitchen. Any accessible food and smells will get the attention of rodents and attract them to the kitchen.

In case the unwanted guests have checked in, call pest control professionals that use
electronic pest control. This ensures your home will be totally free of any rodents.