There is no denying that life in this world is actually quite short only. There are times when one will not just fight that hard because at the end of the day, we will all go back to dusts. But then again, if you have your own children, if you have a family to protect, though with such mindset, for sure you will still do everything you can to keep them safe. Yes and to think that the world is full of threats, like threats from criminals, threats from environmental factors and threats from diseases. All of these threats can steal our loved ones away in just a split of a second.

As they say, prevention is the better cure. When it comes to lead poisoning, this is the best option. Even if your children still did not show any signs of lead poisoning, still you must make sure that they will live in a safer environment. Thus, if you are living in an old house or even if you are just a neighbor of an old establishment you should do something about it.

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It is said that lead based paints are banned since the year 1978. However, until the present time, there are still a number of establishments that are still around and were built before the mentioned year. If you happen to be in one, be responsible and plan for a renovation right away as lead based paints on your walls can generate lead dusts that can go airborne without you knowing. Your kids can pick them and put them in their mouth or they can be inhaled as well. When that will happen, a possibility of lead poisoning will surely occur and this can be fatal. Before it’s too late, you should hire lead-safe renovators like those that are with NY lead certification.

What lead-safe contractors can do:

  • They are trained and have undergone classes so that they will be qualified to deal with lead based paints. This is the primary goal of the Lead Regulations imposed by the government in every state. They aim to protect the developing young minds of children as when exposed to lead poisoning, even when treated, still there is a good chance that permanent damage is already incurred. Lead poisoning can be fatal and it is most dangerous to children.
  • They are also well trained to ensure that they can maintain the safety of the environment where they are working. They are trained to observe safety most of all thus they will make sure to set up a safe working space so that the spread of lead can be prevented.


  • They will be really careful as they know that if they violate the lead regulations, they will be fined considerably.

There are still more reasons why you should only choose lead-safe contractors. But the bottom line is, safety will be their primary goal which is also for sure, the bottom line of the renovation.

Author Bio: Clayton Johnson is one of the lead-safe specialist and for him, the kids must be protected a renovation is going on with lead based paints involved.