When it comes to ducted split systems in Melbourne, there’s no shortage of suppliers to choose from. Whether you’re upgrading your current air conditioner to offset rising energy costs or you’re installing a split system into a newly built home, it’s important you get the best unit at the best price. But how can you know which suppliers to trust? It can be hard to distinguish between a store that stocks genuinely good products at an honest price point from a deceptive store selling inferior products with a great marketing pitch. This article will take a look at some specific things to look out for when it comes to choosing a supplier for a ducted split system air conditioner.

Check Their Reviews

While a supplier of ducted split systems in Melbourne boasting 5-star reviews may look like a great sign on the surface, this positive feedback actually gives you very little insight into how a particular business treats its customers. In order to see the full spectrum of responses, you’ll want to dig a little deeper and see how the supplier responds to both mediocre and negative feedback.

It’s much better to go with a supplier who may possess a lower overall rating but responds to their negative and neutral reviews courteously, logically and politely, as opposed to a supplier with a higher rating that can’t take criticism and responds to their negative reviews with equally negative and condescending language.

While good feedback can tell you something about a business and the quality of the people behind it, how that business responds to feedback, both good and bad, will tell you who you can trust more.

Consider Their Reputation

Buying from a reputable supplier of ducted split systems in Melbourne with an established history is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best quality ducted split systems at a great price.

Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers and suppliers in the HVAC and air conditioning space who push substandard, poorly made products at marked up prices. You can easily identify businesses that are attempting to make quick money, as they’ll often have a generic website with very little information about the company’s history, vision and previous track record with customers.

Ideally, look for a supplier that has at least 5 years’ experience in the industry. Any business that can remain open for at least half a decade will likely have developed a good knowledge of the products they’re selling and a good rapport with their customers.

Ensure They Have a Diverse Product Offering

It’s pointless choosing a trusted supplier of ducted split systems in Melbourne if they don’t stock the products you actually want. Taking into consideration the other points mentioned, you should also make sure the prospective supplier has a variety of products on offer, from the latest tech to more conventional ducted split systems.

A supplier that possesses variety in their product offering will make the process of selecting the right ducted split system for your home or business hassle-free, as they’ll be more likely to have the best split system to suit your budget, space and needs.