Wooden floorboards suffer a lot daily including muddy shoes, pet nails clicking as they walk, pointed heels, spills, and a lot more. Over time, the flooring starts looking dull if you don’t take proper care. The appealing installation of wooden floorboards is its proven durability and longevity. To enjoy these, you need to keep them appearing their best with regular cleaning.

Wooden floorings are available in different types including vinyl, laminate, and hybrid. Each one has its pros and cons. However, cleaning and caring tips are the same for all. You can enjoy your wooden floor installation for years with the following preventative measures.

Avoid premature aging

Take preventative steps to extend the lifespan of the floors like installing floor glides or felt pads on the furniture and chairs. It prevents the floor from getting scratched when the chair gets pulled across. Preventative measures will also increase the time between renovations like refinishing, recoating, and re-waxing.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

You need to regularly vacuum or dust mop the floor. Dirt and spills will need deep cleaning. For this, you will need to use a chemical-free hardwood cleaner and gentle cloth to remove the oil, stains, and dirt spots on the floor. Make sure not to use a lot of water because this can make the wood material swell and cup. Remember, not to wash newly coated flooring for 6 weeks. Give the floor finish time to harden. Daily just dust mop or sweep or vacuum.

Promptly wipe the spills

Use a dry cloth to wipe away the spills promptly. If the spill is sticky then dampen the cloth a little because the wet floor can turn slippery.

No-shoe policy

You can save the wooden floor is through following the no-shoe policy. This will reduce the amount of dust and grime entering inside the rooms from outside. Besides, wear and scratches also reduces. Heels are notorious for making dints, so this gets avoided. Use doormats at every entrance to avoid possible damage from abrasive elements that enter the house flooring as someone comes inside.

Add protective layer

Vinyl, laminates, and hybrid are lenient products but it is smart to take proactive steps to prevent floor damages. You can add mats or runners in the high traffic areas. Include furniture like office chairs on castor wheels and have felt pads attached under heavy furniture. Avoid mats with a rubber-back, as it can seep moisture inside the flooring.

Other dos and don’ts

  • Never apply furniture polish or household dust treatments on solid wood flooring because the floors can get dull or slick.
  • Place potted plants on stands to allow air circulation underneath. Even pots placed in waterproof saucers can develop condensation underneath if left on the flooring and damage the flooring.
  • Keep the nails of your pets trimmed regularly. Even clean pet urine instantly.
  • Wood can fade in strong light, so move rugs now and then to avoid uneven appearance.
  • The moment hardwood flooring shows wearing sign recoat it because if it wears down to bare wood you will need sanding.

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Eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming more and more popular. They are not only eco-friendly, but they also have a variety of benefits for consumers.