Painting is not everyone’s cup of tea but now it can be if one gets a custom paint by number set. The kit comes with detailed instructions by assigning numbers to each instruction. Follow the instructions to uncover the hidden artist within one. One can take any photo and create a painting that looks better than the original.

Why should you opt for one?

Custom paint by number set will help one create memories that can last for years. In today’s digital times, anyone can give a good photo with a bit of editing. However, how many will invest their time and effort in creating a painting to make a keepsake that will last for a lifetime? It is the epitome of a personalized gift and can make the recipient feel at the top of the world. Often creating a painting seems to be a daunting task but painting by numbers makes easy peasy! It is super fun, easy to use and handle.

Why is it good for adults?

Covid-19 brought in drastic changes in one’s life. The disease has blurred the lines between the professional and personal spaces as most of the population has switched to work-from-home mode. However, this led to the build-up of a lot of stress. Paint by number for adults has become a huge hit as it helps in relieving stress and rejuvenate oneself in a creative.

This fact is scientifically proven because it promotes mindfulness, brings down the anxiety levels and makes one’s focus sharp. So, if you want a break from the hectic work schedule or life, just order in one personalized paint by number set and paint your blues away!

Apart from beating the stress, a lot of people are now exploring their creative side that laid dormant for a long time due to a hectic schedule. Amateurs and those who want to start learning painting are ordering the paint by number sets to learn the skillset as it acts as a refresher course.

How to go about it?

  1. a) Prepare your canvas and choose your hues.
  2. b) Match the number of the paint to the number of the canvas.
  3. c) choose the right brush to paint the picture.
  4. d) follow the instructions and your piece of souvenir or art will be ready in no time. Add a cool hashtag and share it with the world.

What are the components of the kit?

  1. a) a high-quality canvas available in two sizes: 40×50 cm and 16×20 inch. It comes with numbered contours.
  2. b) a set of water-based acrylic paints. Since everything is prepared from the get-go, there is no need to mix the colours. The shades are exactly what you need.
  3. c) a set of three brushes: small, medium and a large one.
  4. d) an instruction manual or the latest Best Paint By Number ebook in case one needs extra help to paint.
  5. e) some websites offer free shipping and a month-long full refund policy.

So wait no more and order in one today itself and kiss goodbye to stress and say hello to creativity.

Painters use acrylic paint to create their desired painting. A variety of hues, textures, and tones are available today for painting dublin.