Creating a home office where one didn’t exist before starts with figuring out exactly what you need. Most people need a place to set up a laptop, but others will need room to spread out supplies such as drafting paper, booklets, photographs, etc. In addition, decide if you need your home office set up all the time or just every now and again. It might make a difference in your furniture configuration.


At the most basic level, you will need a desk and chair. It might be tempting to use any extra piece of furniture you have in the garage, but if you are going to be spending hours in your home office, you’re better off reading Joybird reviews and finding furniture that is both functional and comfortable. If your office is going to be in a public space in your home (as opposed to being tucked away in a back bedroom) then buy pieces that complement the style of the room.


Most rooms have a generic overhead light in the middle of the ceiling. This is perfect for general area lighting but will tend to be too dim for specific task work. The best place to set up your desk is near a window with variable shades or shutters so that you can enjoy the natural light while also adjusting for glare. If necessary, add a desk lamp that is designed for lighting down onto a workspace (rather than up to the ceiling).


Unless absolutely everything you do is electronic, you will probably need some piece of furniture dedicated to storing your work paraphernalia. Joybird reviews furniture suggestions include a bookshelf with cubby baskets for smaller items or a storage ottoman that can double as extra seating.

Working from home may or may not be ideal depending on your circumstances, but whether it’s a temporary or permanent situation, it’s best to create a dedicated space for getting your work done as efficiently as possible.