Growing your produce is fun and offers a lot of economic, health, and environmental benefits. While it can be overwhelming for some people, it can become simpler than it sounds. Even if you don’t have a yard, you can start a patio garden or an indoor herb garden on a windowsill. Whether you are growing a tomato plant or have a big backyard garden, the following are the benefits of growing your own food:

Nutritional Value

Growing your own vegetables allows you to have a more diverse and healthy diet packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Freshly picked vegetables are nutritious and tasty. Most produce you can buy in grocery stores went through a lot of processes before they reach the shelves and have been preserved to maintain their freshness. And because some of them end up in storage or on the shelf for a long time, they may lose nutritional value.

Money Savings

Creating a potager can save you money every year. A single $1 packet of carrot seeds can offer you dozens of fresh carrots to consume. Also, you can choose to raise your food organically, which offers considerable cost savings over buying organic products at the store.


There are different varieties of veggies you can buy at your local nursery. While you may be able to choose from five different types of tomatoes in the grocery store, you can choose to plant dozens of varieties. And when you look at seeds, there are hundreds of them to pick from. By growing your own veggies, you are not limited to what’s available at the grocery store.


Backyard gardening helps the environment in a lot of ways. Growing your food organically, which means without pesticides and herbicides, you will spare the plant the burden of air and water pollution. Also, you minimise the use of fossil fuels and the resulting pollutant that comes from transporting fresh produce from point A to point B.

Physical Fitness

Planting vegetables is a fun way to get outside to get some fresh air and stay physically active.  Gardening requires physical activity that promotes physical health. By engaging in gardening, you improve your cardiac health and immune system response, reduce heart rate and stress, as well as improve body strength and flexibility. Exercising regularly can relieve anxiety and stress while boosting your energy levels. Also, your exposure to the sun will give your body that much-needed vitamin D which is vital to maintain healthy bones and teeth.