The use of stamped concrete on surfaces is on the rise amongst homeowners in Toronto Ontario for its beautiful and luxurious aesthetic. Stamped concrete refers to a cement mixture that is textured during the drying process to resemble various original building materials such as brick, flagstone, stone, wood, slate, and tile.

Landscaping experts from Elite Concrete state that various reasons may necessitate the use of stamped concrete in a home. Cement mixture is an incredibly rugged material that can easily withstand a great deal of abuse from every day wear and tear. Toronto stamped concrete experts also state that it is a very affordable building material when compared to numerous natural stones or building materials. For these reasons, concrete can be the natural choice of building material for an area of your home that might have to withstand a lot of use or has the natural outdoor elements beating down on it daily. The most common places homeowners are choosing to utilize this revolutionary building material are: patios, driveways, interior floors, pool decks, and sidewalks for just the reasons we mentioned. With that said, just plain old concrete can be an eyesore for most homeowners, which is why many opt for the much more visually appealing alternative.

Stamped concrete is a beautiful and versatile building material that can be much stronger and more cost efficient than the materials it is replicating. It really is remarkable just how similar a finished cement mixture surface can be to the original material it is replicating. Oftentimes visitors can’t tell the difference at all, even after spending quite some time with it.

When mixing the cement, the mixer will add a powdered pigment that will darken and create a new base colour – whatever colour is desired by the homeowners. The installer then adds an accent colour that mimics the intended building material. For example, if the stamped concrete is intended to replicate a dark mahogany wood, then the colour added would be a dark brown of a similar shade to mahogany.

Research shows that this material reduces maintenance costs in the long run, according to Additionally, surfaces that have been created with this stamped material are easier to clean than other rough surfaces and are also likely to add resale value to a home.

So now that you know you would love to build with this revolutionary product on your property, what are your next steps? With the presence of numerous companies in the market that provide concrete stamping services, especially here in Toronto Ontario, many homeowners experience challenges in deciding on the right way to have their property done. The best approach is to work with one company so as to ensure consistency of service, both with the material stamps provided, and the installation service. The entire process is likely to take less time than if you choose to work with more than one constructor and it is easy to follow up with one constructor in case repairs are needed, as opposed to contacting numerous installers.