Your house’s security must be one of your main priorities. If you and your family are at home to relax, you wish to feel safe in you abode. You will want to know if somebody is entering your property, no matter if that person is a friend or stranger. Your knowledge will help you decide on how you will respond.

Of course, it is not possible to be always outside your house to monitor what happens. But, using a wireless driveway motion detector allows you to monitor whatever is going on at your house’s front round the clock. When the sensor detects somebody is approaching your home, an alarm is triggered which will then alert you.

Kinds of Motion Detection Systems

  • Passive. Passive detectors make use of a special lens and infrared technology for detecting motion. It makes a passive beam of energy and looks for temperature changes in the background’s temperature. If it detects something warmer, the alarm will sound.

  • Active. An active detection system utilizes electromagnetic technology and photo sensors to continue to emit a signal. If something disrupts such signal, the driveway alarms wireless are triggered. This system can detect up to a range of 400 feet, which is wider than the coverage of a passive detector. An active detector detects a car’s arrival even before the vehicle reaches your driveway.

Benefits of Wireless Technology

With wireless technology, it will be easy to set up and take down the detection system. You can transfer it to another location right away when you want to. Also, it runs on battery power. When there is a power outage going on, your motion detector will continue to work. This becomes quite essential as burglars tend to hide under the dark. If the neighborhood experiences a blackout, the area becomes sensitive to intruders and criminals. But, as your detector still works, you can continue to get alerts when an uninvited guest approaches your property.

Additionally, burglars cannot easily disconnect a wireless system due to the lack of wires to cut. You can choose to have it connected to various receivers inside your home so that you can hear the alarm from any areas of your house. As it’s easy to set up a wireless system, if your house is big with various entry points, every entry point can be monitored using a motion detector.

It is just imperative to ensure you check the battery of the system on a regular basis. In case you forget to replace an old battery, your home will lose the protection. What you can do is to incorporate a battery check with one of your routines such as if you have to take out the trash bins each week for pickup.

Wireless driveway motion detectors provide you better peace of mind. Installing one will save you from having uninvited guests in your front door. If your alarm sounds, just check through the window when the person is approaching your home is somebody you know or not. Take the appropriate action afterwards.

Author Bio – Danniel Baker is a professional home designer. He has written hundreds of blogs on home decorating tips and home security.