Increasing the stylishness and function of your home’s interior requires more than just some new furniture and a coat of paints. Interior doors can make or break a room’s overall decor, and the best doors connect rooms seamlessly while still creating plenty of privacy. Instead of sticking to the usual side-hinged doors that are primarily used in homes, consider adding at least one track door somewhere inside. These large sliding doors hang from a horizontal track, and they’re popular enough today you can find them to match all five of these decor styles.

Rustic Barn Doors

The most widely used form of the residential track door RW Hardware offers is the rustic barn door. Real or faux wood planks are attached to a solid backing or bound together with crosspieces to create a rustic, yet elegant door. While these doors draw their inspiration from the huge and heavy models used on actual livestock barns, they’re usually smaller, lighter, and properly finished to prevent splinters. Barn doors of any color or size are a great fit for country, traditional, cabin, or shabby chic decorating styles.

Solid Glass Panels

When you’d prefer a clear view through the door but still need to keep out the elements or muffle sound while some family members are sleeping, a solid glass track door is an attractive option. The tempered glass can weigh quite a bit, so make sure the track hardware is installed into a reinforced part of the wall and double-check that the track can handle the weight of the specific door you’re hanging. It’s best to leave the installation of this kind of track door to the professionals since a single mistake could permanently damage the glass or the track hardware.

Slatted Dividers

Track doors built out of wood or bamboo often feature a more open slatted design than the solid plywood or particle board doors usually used for interior rooms. Mounting a ceiling track and installing a slatted door in the middle of a large room or part of an open layout home can create some coziness and a sense of privacy that might be lacking in spaces that are too open. If the slats are mounted over a sheet of glass, you can get both a physical barrier and a visual one without completely cutting off the view between two rooms. This is a great addition to any modern, contemporary, or eclectic home.

Folding Tracks

Not all track doors are a single piece of material either. Folding doors on a horizontal track are primarily used for closets and other small spaces, but there are also large versions of these hanging doors that can be used to transition between rooms like kitchens and dining areas or laundry rooms. Folding doors are generally only used in the more private areas of the home, yet there are some glass and all metal designs that are attractive enough to make the centerpiece of a room.

Oversized Art Pieces

If you’re really committed to your love of art, consider mounting a large canvas on a plain solid wood or fabric track door. Using a piece of art that covers the entire door really makes a statement, especially when you use an abstract or highly patterned design that complements the rest of the room’s colors.

No matter what kind of track door you choose, don’t forget to pick a matching track. Don’t just settle for the first track hardware you find when there are dozens of different types and styles of tracks, covers, and mounting hardware.

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