In the world of decoration and interior design there are materials that evolve to adapt to the times. This is the case of ceramics, which has been reinvented in different formats that we will present below. All the types of ceramics that we are going to talk about can be found in our ceramics cabinet. The exterior ceramic is the best choice among the types of ceramic that exist for renovations in garden, terrace and even pool. The difference with the interior ceramics is that “the outdoor ones” are prepared for contraction-dilation as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures. You should always consider the temperature when choosing your ceramics and for your info, is one of the recommended places to choose your ceramics.

Types of ceramics for all corners of the home

This type of material goes beyond the borders of staying only in bathroom and kitchen. Now, the use of ceramics is reaching the entire home. For exterior and especially for the façade of buildings, the ventilated ceramic facade stands out as it is a good option both technically and aesthetically.

Would you like to put a decorative element that brings personality to your home? Among the different types of ceramics, the best option is tile, which is presented in small mosaics. It is a very versatile element when it comes to being creative in any type of project since due to its small format it allows to create drawings.

The natural stone ceramics

The natural stone ceramics is a timeless material that stands out for being a coating able to bring warmth and elegance to any type of surface. If we talk about natural stone ceramics we can’t ignore granite. This is the hardest type of natural stone yet but easy to polish and sharpen. Resistant to penetration of water and stains are its main advantage. The second option is slate. Having a slight degree of hardness beneath granite, this type of stone consists of a layer of hard rock, allowing it to provide a strong structure for the floor. It is porous so that the chemical seal must be applied after installation. All this is done to give the best effect. The third most popular type is limestone commonly applied to Mediterranean-style buildings. Tends to look antique, this type of stone is very liked by the lovers of history. Of course there are other types but the three types above are the most popular among natural stone ceramics.