Imagine a house which is exposed to sunlight, heat, wind and rain. Do you think it is a wise idea to cover the windows and doors with curtains? It is absolutely not. This is because; the curtain is made of cloth material often and this material less potential to withstand against the extreme weather conditions. The color of curtain will get fed because of prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. It will not withstand against the winds because it will start blowing it, not matter how heavy curtain is used at the place. The rain will make it wet and it will turn the whole house into a mess.

So, for extreme weather condition, the curtain is certainly not the right choice. Instead of the curtain, the blinds of different types can be used.

  • Wood blinds and metal blinds, perfect for such places

Blinds having slats made of metal or wooden are perfect for the houses that encounter extreme weather conditions frequently. Because of their durable nature, both types of blinds can strongly face the heat of the sun, rain, wind, etc. The best part, when the blinds are closed completely, it has the potential to block the sunlight and heat up to 47 percent. And open with some adjustment can allow the light to keep the interior looks bright, but free from the heat.

  • Roman and roller blinds give elegant look to interior

After the strong and durable wood and pleated blinds, here comes the soft and elegant roman and roller blinds. These blinds are known for its elegant look. It can be used bedroom window to create a great ambience. These blinds when used with light color silk fabric curtain then makes the perfect match.

Blinds are the latest trend in Singapore and lots of online stores sells quality blinds cheaply.

Solar reflective roller blinds are crafted to manage sunlight and heat effectively. Designed with reflective coatings, they minimize glare, regulate room temperature, and boost energy efficiency in residential and office spaces.