As people are choosing to live an energy efficient lifestyle, double glazing has managed to make its mark in this trend too. Everyone condones to the fact that double glazed windows and doors tend to improve the energy efficiency. And the cost associated with it depends on a variety of factors. This guide will help you determine if this investment is a worth or not.

Double glazing is a window or a door that bears two glass panes installed in its frame rather than one. But, its energy efficiency isn’t derived from its extra thickness but from the gap created by the glass panes. The empty space between the panes offers insulation from heat and cold. The significance of insulating glass cannot be overestimated.

The rate of heat conduction is determined by U-values. The U-value of a 3mm thick glass pane is 5.9, 2 panes of 3 mm with a 6 mm gap is 3.1. This is barely half the U-value of a single glass pane which is tantamount to half the amount of heat gain in the home. This window frame also helps in creating a difference in the U-values dramatically. For instance, a normal window frame has a u-value of 10.0, timber is 2.8. Heat loss is determined by R-values which denotes the ability to resist or prevent the heat from escaping. The experts claim that by installing double glazed windows with low R-ratings can help in reducing the energy in half and save the energy costs.

These windows are usually composed of two glass panes within the same window frame. Between these panes, the gap ranges anywhere from 6 mm to 20 mm wide. The gap is then filled with standard air or a special gas known as argon. These types of windows can be installed to many other types of windows including casement, awning, picture, sliding, and much more. The window frame that holds the double glazing is composed of timber, PVC or aluminum.

Benefits of installing double glazed windows

The very reason why people choose to install double glazed windows in their homes is they are quite energy efficient. Double glazed windows are insulated to the best of their ability which makes it hard for the heat to permeate through them in your houses during the summer. It also tends to reduce the heat inside your home in this season. It does the vice versa in the winters. The wider the gap is between the panes, the more effective the windows work. What also makes these windows effective is because the panes are filled with gases like argon which works well in reducing or stopping the heat.

This also makes you use less of your air conditioning amenities and help you save a fortune on your energy bills and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Another advantage of double glazed windows is that they aren’t just thermally insulating. They tend to reduce noise through your windows as well. You will hear much less external noise: less traffic noise, less noise from kids outside or people chattering, less noise from the BBQs, parties and much more. These windows make your home quieter, cozy, and serene.