In a commercial property, ants can have serious ramifications for reputation, cleanliness and hygiene ratings, stock and in financial areas. A food related business with a history of ant infestations is unlikely to win trade against a rival with a blemish free record. A hospital with an ant issue is risking patient and staff safety.

A Proactive Approach

Prevention, as the saying has it, is better than cure. Wiping away crumbs, particularly of protein and sweet offerings, storing food and rubbish in sealed units and completing property repairs are effective ways to minimise the risk of an ant infestation. Once ant activity has taken place, stock must be discarded; this can be costly and is largely avoidable.

Making regular checks of the property is vital; when a nest is discovered, try to establish whether you have one or multiple nests and where the entrances are situated. You’ll be able to discern this by watching the ants as they travel to and from the nest. Then contact ant nest services providers about eradication.

Ants are highly organised, industrious creatures who send their worker ants to find food to survive. They deliver this to the queen and larvae in the ant nest. When humans make sourcing food easier by leaving temptation in their path, it can prove to be unpleasant, sometimes frightening for the two-legged inhabitants. Ants can swarm in warmer weather, cause skin irritation, and they transmit disease as they meander. Ants won’t move on obligingly; action must be taken.

The Black Garden Ant, which is actually dark brown, is the most common species of ant found infesting British properties, according to the British Pest Control Association.

The Black Garden Ant is 2-5mm long.

You may also encounter flying ants, Ghost ants and Pharaoh ants. The two latter species are becoming more prevalent in centrally heated environments.

Your firm can employ an ant pest controller to check regularly for ant infestations rather than waiting until an undesirable situation arises. Post-infestation treatment, you can also initiate a preventative schedule.

A professional ant pest control firm like Pest Control Berkshire should always be contacted when a nest is found. Whilst pouring a kettle of boiling water over a nest site is a commonly employed tool, it is not necessarily a comprehensive solution.

You may not welcome the visit of ant nest services specialists but the ant pest controllers at Pest Control Berkshire drive unmarked vehicles and wear plain uniforms to maximise discretion. The fees and effectiveness of treatment are supremely attractive when compared to DIY endeavours.

Moreover, many insurance, mortgage and maintenance agreements stipulate that professional ant nest services with guarantees are mandatory to meet requirements.

A specialist carries out a thorough free survey to establish the severity of the issue and to formulate an ant pest control treatment plan. Your business sector, environment and the species involved can affect the approach taken. Ant pest control often takes several visits to eradicate an issue.

Seek the area’s most reputable, efficient ant control specialists at Pest Control Berkshire and restore your peace of mind.